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about us

The Company's Flavours Portico born in early 900 to Arbizzano Negrar (VR) in the small hamlet around the church, as a small shop where they sold a little bit of everything. Over the years the business expands and sons Joseph and supported by Mark Giancarla are passionate about the work of Father Andrew, aumetando the kind and quality of products, sopprattutto of meats, cheeses and food in general. In recent years we have specialized in offering local products to customers in other regions. To offer the maximum guarantee to customers Giuseppe and Marco attending courses of cheeses, meats and wine.

In 2011, the ONAF (Organization of cheese tasters) recognized Giuseppe "Master Taster"

In 2013 ONAF has riconosiuto Mark Taster 1 level

The cheese of "The Flavors of the Porch" today are the pride of, various types of cheese are always available to customers who reach 300 over the year depending on the time stored and seasoned nell'anitica tufa cellar of 400. These cheeses are from the most renowned Italian production areas, as the area of the Venetian or even from Piedmont and Lombardy, as Paestum in Campania, still others from Sicily and Sardinia, many cheeses are from the old work, others are enriched with special seasoning , wrapped in herbs and flavored.

But special attention is devoted to "The Flavors of the Porch" family Bernardinelli typical Veronese cheese, Monte Veronese in particular, which are tested on careful seasoning special that so far have given very good results for the most discerning palates.

The traditional cure for the good taste and the quality of the company Bernardinelli was also the subject of numerous news reports, all course gourmet type.

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